AMFI International is happy to announce the opening of several Erasmus+ internship positions in Italy:




  • Bartending, 12 open positions
  • Waiter, 12 open positions
  • Cook, 5 open positions
  • Pastry Chef, 7 open positions
  • Pizza Chef, 5 open positions
  • Digital media marketing/social media marketing, 20 open positions
  • Healthcare, 5 open positions
  • Mechatronics/Mechanics/Electricians 10 open positions
  • Journalism, 4 open positions
  • Law, 3 open positions
  • IT, 10 open positions
  • Business, 3 open positions
  • Tourism/Hotel Management, 13 open positions
  • HR, 2 open positions
  • Architecture, 2 open positions

AMFI International wants to help your students have the best experience possible; therefore, we are able to provide:

  • Administration (learning agreement et. al);
  • Search for top-level housing in the city center (apartments or hotels);
  • Transfers to and from major airports, railway stations and bus;
  • Research and management of Internships & Placements;
  • INTERNSHIP CHANGE option if the student is not happy with first placement;
  • Tutoring 24/7 + Whatsup communication group;
  • Welcome meeting with refreshments;
  • On arrival training to facilitate participant's cultural and social integration;
  • First cognitive meeting with the manager of the company/institution in which the training will be carried out, with AMFI tutor;
  • Mid-term evaluation;
  • AMFI official Certificate of Attendance;
  • Final meeting with refreshments;
  • Final BLOG article with pictures to use for dissemination purposes;

If your institution, wants to send a considerable group of students, we can organize complementary cultural visits or extra activities free of charge or apply a discount on our services. Check our Facebook Reviews to see what others think about us.

For any further info please contact Elena Venditti at