Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology (Erasmus identification code: G KAVALA 01) welcomes all foreign students who wish to participate to Erasmus+ Programme by fulfilling a part of their studies and/or a traineeship in EMaTTech, Kavala, Greece.

Please note that Erasmus+ courses in EMaTTech are offered only in spring semester.

Applications deadline for spring semester 2018: November 15, 2017.

Recommended arrival date for Erasmus+ students is around the middle of February and the welcome day event takes place on the last week of February. Established holidays are the Greek-Orthodox Easter (15 days around April) and July - August in summer.


The necessary documents for your application are:

Application form (filled in and signed)

  • Learning agreement
  • Transcript of records
  • Student card or ID card and insurance

Feel free to contact us for details of any other inquiry that you may have.


If you wish to stay at a double room (two beds) at EMaTTech students' dormitory premises, please mention it in your application form.

On the other hand, you can look for an appartment in the city of Kavala, about 10 minutes away from EMaTTEch by public transport. For an indicative listing of properties to rent you can check this link.

Cost of living

About €400 - €500 per month including accommodation in campus rooms. If students want to stay in the city, we help them find an appartment, but this is more costly becauce of the rental prices and tranfers to the University. Generally, cost of living depends on how students live.

EMaTTech Erasmus+ staff and Department Coordinators

Nikos Kiourtis MA, MEd, Erasmus+ staff | pr@teiemt.gr, +30 2510462290

Fei Georgiadou, Erasmus+ staff | interel@teiemt.gr, +30 2510462221

School of Technological Engineering (Kavala)

Assis. Prof. Panagiotis Kogias, Dpt of Electrical Engineering | kogias@teiemt.gr

Assis. Prof. Maria Papadopoulou, Dpt of Petroleum Technology and Mechanical Engineering | apapa@teiemt.gr

Prof. Helen Apostolidou, Dpt of Petroleum Technology and Mechanical Engineering | elapost@teiemt.gr

Assis. Prof. Lefteris Moysiadis, Dpt of Computer and Informatics Engineering | lmous@teiemt.gr

School of Business and Economics (Kavala)

Assis. Prof. Dimitrios Maditinos, Dpt of Business Administration | dmadi@teiemt.gr

Assis. Prof. Anagnostis Kipouros, Dpt of Accounting and Finance | akipouros@teiemt.gr

School of Agricultural Technology (Branch of Drama)

Assis. Prof. Dimitrios Kaziolas, Dpt Forestry and Natural Environment | dnkazio@teiemt.gr

Assis. Prof. Spyridon Mamalis, Dpt of Oenology and Beverage Technology | mamalis@econ.auth.gr

Prof. Athanasios Styliadis, Dpt of Landscape Architecture | styliadis@teiemt.gr

School of Health and Welfare Studies (Branch of Didymoteicho)

Prof. Efstathios Dimitriadis, Dpt of Nursing | edimit@teiemt.gr

Courses offered

Below you can see all courses offered to Erasmus+ students by the 3 Schools of EMaTTech, as well as Lectures and Examinations start/end dates. Please notice that the dates stated below are often subject to changes.

All courses are taught in English. We also offer a Greek language course.

EMaTTech spring semester 2018 important dates
Lectures start 20/02/2018
Lectures end 01/06/2018
Exams 11/06/2018 - 29/06/2018


2018 public holidays
Clean Monday 19/02/2018
Easter break 02/04/2018 - 15/04/2018
1st of May 01/05/2018
Holy Spirit day 28/05/2018

School of Technological Engineering

Department of Computer and Informatics Engineering

  Course Tutor
1 Control Systems Georgios Tsirigotis
2 Signals & Systems Georgios Tsirigotis
3 Information Systems Security Konstantinos Rantos
4 Computational Intelligence Vassilis Kaburlasos
5 Creating Websites Eleftherios Moisiadis
6 Applied Process Design of PetroChemical Plants Dimitris Katevas
7 Environmental Protection Processes in Industry Dimitris Katevas

Department of Electrical Engineering

  Course Tutor
1 Mathematics I Fotini Kogia
2 Mathematics II Vasilios Tsiantos
3 Mathematics III Vasilios Tsiantos
4 Programming with Matlab Vasilios Tsiantos
5 Applied Thermodynamics Fotini Kogia
6 Measurement Systems Likourgos Magafas
7 Power Electronics Ioannis Dermetzoglou
8 Electric Drive Systems Ioannis Dermetzoglou
9 Electronics I Giota Papadopoulou
10 Electrical Circuits I Giota Papadopoulou

Department of Petroleum Technology and Mechanical Engineering

  Course Tutor
1 Renewable Energy Sources Eleni Apostolidou
2 Autocad Ilias Sarafis
3 Electric Circuits Kostantinos Tarchanidis
4 Organic Spectroscopy Sofia Mitkidou
5 Instrumental Chemical Analysis Thomas Spanos

School of Business and Economics

  Course Tutor
1 Advanced Statistics Methods Dr Efstathios Dimitriadis
2 Business Process Management Dr Karl-Robert Graf
Dr Konstantinos Terzidis
3 Business Strategy Dr George Theriou
4 Company Law Dr Kalliopi Kalabouka
5 Databases and Data Mining Dr Stavros Valsamidis
6 e-Business Dr Stavros Valsamidis
Dr Dimitrios Maditinos
7 e-Commerce and Web Design Dr Lazaros Sarigiannidis
Dr Dimitrios Maditinos
8 Final Project/Dissertation Dr Dimitrios Maditinos
Dr Athanasios Mandilas
9 Financial Accounting I Dr Athanasios Mandilas
Dr Michael Pipiliagopoulos
10 Financial Modeling Dr Dimitrios Maditinos
11 Human Resource Management Dr George Theriou
12 Innovation Management Dr Werner Fees
13 International Accounting Dr Athanasios Mandilas
14 Introduction to Statistics Dr Efstathios Dimitriadis
15 Management Information Systems Dr Stavros Valsamidis
16 Marketing Dr Irene Kamenidou
17 Research Methodology Dr George Theriou
Dr Lazaros Sarigiannidis
Dr Dimitrios Maditinos
18 Supply Chain Management Dr Lazaros Sarigiannidis


University Grade System of Greece
(0.0 – 10.00)
(0.0 - 4.0 or 5.0)
(0% - 100%)
Excellent (8.50 - 10.00) A A, A+ First-Class Honours* (First or 1st) (70% - 100%)
Very Good (6.50 - 8.50) B B, B+, A- Upper Second-Class Honours (2:1) (60% - 69%)
Good (5.00 - 6.49) C C, C+, B- Lower Second-Class Honours (2:2) (50% - 59%)
Fail (0.0 - 4.9) - - -

Access to EMaTTech

  • By airplane to Athens (ATH), Thessaloniki (SKG), Kavala (KVA) or Alexandroupoli (AXD) airport and then by other means of transport (train or bus) to your final destination (Kavala, Drama or Didymoteicho). There is also flight correspondence from Athens (ATH) to Thessaloniki (SKG), Kavala (KVA) and Alexandroupoli (AXD).
    Αfter you have landed in Thessaloniki, you have to take the bus route #78 to the Central Bus Station Macedonia. From there you have to take the bus to Kavala, there is οne bus running approximately every hour. Please prefer the Express one, because it's faster. For one night you can stay at a hotel in the city (45-50 Euros), close to the Bus Station of Kavala (you can go there on foot). Next morning, take the city bus #4 (bus stop near the hotel) to come to the Technical University (in Greek language TEI Kavalas). You get off at the bus stop "ΤΕΙ Library" (in Greek language Vivliothiki TEI, the last bus stop on the top of the hill) and then ask about the Erasmus Office, which is located at the ground floor of the library building.
  • By train from Athens or Thessaloniki to Drama or Alexandroupoli train stations.
  • By bus from Athens or Thessaloniki to all cities of EMaTTech facilities (Kavala, Drama or Didymoteicho).